Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Went to a Village as a Crossdresser and had a Hot experience

This is how i looked when i crossdressed
I am a male but Crossdressing is mhobby. I am an Engineering student and I stay alone in a rented flat. Whenever I am in my flat, I remain crossdressed. I have no hair on my body and face. I undergo body butter treatment to give my skin girly shine and my skin is very soft. My college was closed for a week as I had diwali holidays going on.I used to stay inside the flat dressed up all time. I have a lot of crossdressing stuff. I have various shapes and size of Breast Forms which look real on my body. I have different hairstyle wigs also.

One day I got a call from my friend who wanted me to visit a nearby village and bring his Grandmother to the city. He knew that I am a Crossdresser and thus I decided to visit the village as a Crossdresser. When I am Crossdressded, I look like a perfect Indian Housewife and no one can make out that I am actually a male.

I had a quick bath, then I wore a wig which had long hair but curled from the ends. Then I wore a breast form which had 36 inch breasts with black nipples.Then I went to the wardrobe are and opened the wardrobe. I took out a cotton blue panty and a black colored bra. I wanted to dress up in simple clothes as people in village are very simple and if I wear modern skimpy saree or Salwar Kameez in a village, then they may take me in wrong sense.

I wore the blue panty after placing my Penis in between my thighs. Wearing soft cotton panty is a great turn on for any Crossdresser. Then I wore the black bra and placed my boobs in the bra cups. I hooked the bra from behind. Then I took out a Green silk saree along with green blouse and petticoat.

First of all, I wore the green petticoat which was made of pure cotton and was very soft. I tied the pettcozt at the belly. Then I wore the cotton blouse which was made of thin cloth material. Its neck had a deep cut and the back had a decent cut. Its arms were a bit tight and were of quarter length. I hooked the blouse from the from and it exposed a lot of my cleavage.

I feel very great whenever I am dressed in blouse and petticoat as it makes me feel womanly. Then I started draping the silk saree which was actually a transparent one. And yes, the straps of my bra were visible from my blouse.I started draping the saree around my petticoat and pale a three fold pallu and attached it on the blouse with a safety pin.Then I sat on the dressing table area and started applying make up. I applied foundation cream on my face and covered it with powder foundation. I applied red lipstick on my lips and red nailpolish on all my nails.

Then I also applied kajal on my eyebrows and eyelids. I wore a green bindi on my forehead. Then i wore 5 green bangles on each hand. I wore a pair of gold earrings on my ears and a simple necklace around my neck. I also wore payals on my legs.Now I was feeling like a complete woman and when I looked in the mirror, I was looking like a hot Indian housewife with a figure of 36-28-34.

I carried a brown colored ladies bag and wore brown ladies sandals. The cab had also arrived on time. I sat in the cab and asked him to go to the mentioned village. The driver drove me to the village. It was a 5 hour journey from the city. I had tied my hairs in a ponytail. I had applied a seductive ladies perfume.

When I arrived at the village, people started noticing me. Some were curious, some were surprised and some had lust in their eyes. I arrived at my friend's grandmother's house which was pretty big. Only two people lived in the big house. My friend's grandmother and his younger brother who was 22 years old. The old lady welcomed me inside. No one knew that I was a male. Everyone thought that I was a female and her son's friend's girlfriend.

The old lady asked me to stay for the night and she will be able to leave with me the next morning. I agreed.  Then i went to the bathroom to have bath. My dick was rock hard & i started rubbing oil on it to make it smooth. But suddenly Akshay(my friend's brother) came & asked me to come for dinner. I had to stop. I washed myself & then wore a black saree.
 This is the photo how i looked:
This is how i looked after wearing the black saree

We had dinner in the night. I chatted with the brother who was 6 feet tall, dark complexioned and had a nice physique. After dinner I went to sleep in a room. I was not feeling sleepy, infact I was feeling horny because I was crossdressed in this saree from morning and hadn't got a chance of masturbating.
I decided to masturbate. I stood up, removed my pallu from over my blouse and my cleavage and hot blouse was exposed. Just then I saw Akshay (my friend's brother) standing at the doorway looking at me with lust in his eyes.

I immediately placed my pallu back on my blouse. He didn't say anything, came close to me and suddenly hugged me titely in his bare arms. He started rubbing my back and kissing my neck and shoulders. He was just wearing a lungi. I was also aroused and didn't stop him. Then he started kissing me on my lips and sucked my lips and mouth.

Then he removed my pallu from over my blouse and started squeezing my hot boobs from over my blouse. I could see his hard penis from his lungi. He had not worn any underwear.My heart was beating fast as I was feeling like a woman waiting to be fucked.

My black blouse was wet under the armpits with sweat.He removed his lungi. His penis was dark and 10 inch long like a rod. I took his penis in my hand and sucked it deeply under my throat. I liked his dark rod from top to bottom and sucked his penis in and out of my mouth. 
Then he undraped my saree removed my panty from under the petticoat and made me sit in a position in which he could fuck me in doggy style. He placed his hard black dick in my asshole and pushed. I felt in heaven, I closed my eyes as he started fucking me madly. While fucking he opened all hooks of my blouse and bra and exposed my hot big boobs. He squeezed my boobs while fucking me hardly. He was about to take out his sperms when I grabbed his cock and started sucking it. His penis threw out loads of sperms in my mouth. I sucked it all.
Then he hugged me and held my penis in his hand and started shaking it, oh my god I was in complete pleasure, just then I couldn’t control myself and spurted out all my sperms on the floor. He told me that he knew I was a crossdresser as his brother had told me.

Then he lied down on bed and I sat on his thighs with his once again hard dick in my hand. Slowly I inserted his rod in my asshole and sat on his penis. His dick was completely inside my asshole and he grabbed my boobs. I was jumping on his dick making it go in and out of my ass. With other hand I was shaking my penis also. Just then after fucking for 25 minutes, he spurted out his hot sperms in my asshole and due to the hot sensation if the sperms in my ass, I also threw out a lot of sperms. We fucked like this the whole night and I promised him to visit again.
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