Thursday, 12 July 2012

Crossdress sex with my brother

Me After getting crossdressed
Hi friends, my name is rohan & the story that I am going to tell is based on a incident that happened between me & my younger brother.

I am a cross dresser & usually at home, I stay dressed up. I was working in software firm in bangalore & my parents stayed in delhi. So I had the complete freedom to crossdress. Once my cousin brother who was just one year younger than me, decided to visit as his college breaks were going on. We shared a very close relationship.

Anyways he came, & we decided to have some marijuana(weed). we got really high & whenever I smoke weed I really get horny. Arjun(my cousin bro), suddenly said to me that he wanted to tell me something. When I asked him what was it, he said he was a gay & asked me if it was OK. I was also very high & said him it was ok & I had no problem. Then we again started taking some more weed. I got aroused just by thinking that how great it would be to get fucked by a male as a cross dresser. After a while, I also confessed to arjun that I love being a crossdresser & showed him my cross dressing wardrobe. At first he was a shocked when I showed him my wardrobe, but then he said to me
'would like to see you getting cross dressed'.
I bet he also had the same idea about having sex with a cross-dresser.

Now let me describe myself a little, I don't have any hair on my body & I have a soft girl like face. We both went into the bedroom after taking some more marijuana. It was the first time I removed my clothes for getting cross dressed in front of a guy. My dick was semi erected. Arjun noticed that. I asked him to go to another room while I get dressed. It took me an hour to completely transform myself, I wore a 36 size boob which no one can say is fake. I wore a black padded bra & wore a lovely black wig. See the picture how I looked.

When arjun saw me, he couldn't believe his own eyes. He said to me that I looked like the most sexy girl he had ever seen. Then again we had a joint(cigarette filled with weed). then he asked me to sit in his lap.

I sat in his lap & started making one more joint. I felt arjun was getting a hard on. I also really got excited & started moving my ass more on his lap. Now I could feel his dick which was trying to burst out of his pants. Then suddenly he hugged me tightly & started smooching me. I was also very hot & just couldn't resist myself. & my dick was slowly getting erected.

Suddenly he asked me if I had any condom in my home. i said no. then arjun said 'then lets go out to the mall as boyfriend & girlfriend.'

I was a bit uncomfortable at first, as I have never been outdoor as a cd, but arjun told me no one would even suspect that I am a male. I looked so girlie that everyone would think me as a sexy girl. So I agreed. Holding hands we went out as couple. I wasn't too nervous, as I was high on weed. While coming down from the stairs arjun groped my ass, & he also kissed me in a bit of lonely place in the mall.

I was also surprised a bit by the attention that I was having from the boys. I felt a group of boys were hitting on me.
Me At the mall.

When we went back home after buying condom, we were really horny. As soon as we closed the door, arjun started kissing me & rubbing his hand on my dick. & then I started moaning. We had an awesome sex that night. I sucked arjun's 8 inches thick rod, & then he sucked my cock & he also assfucked me. Arjun stayed around with me for five day's & we had a great time together.

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