Thursday, 26 July 2012

Identity Change - The Magical Fountain

Ronald has been searching for the fountain of Azure, for the last decade. And now the finally he was sure it was in China. Their were a lot of myths about the fountain. Some said it could cure any disease, but Ronald firmly believed that it does causes a complete transformation, though he wasn't sure about the kind of transformation. When he finally found the fountain, he was so excited that he decided to drink the water without taking any precautions. Ronald in his wildest of dreams hadn't even thought that the transformation would be something like this. His entire body structure began changing, he suddenly found his pennies disappearing & soft boobs growing. And in the end he transformed into a sexy 18 year old Asian chick. He ( i mean she) is now aware what transformation the fountain does. Ronald always had a fetish about turning into a sexy Asian chick. The fountain read the deepest sexual desire & could make it happen. Now Ronald can actually be what she always dreamt to be.

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