Thursday, 24 January 2013

Male To Female - Too Weak to Resist

No Sam, please don't do this to me!
Don't you remember that I was a guy and your close friend just few hours back?
It all happened because of your younger sister. She was playing with a spell book and mistakenly read a gender transformation spell out of it and that spell transformed me this beautiful girl.
So please don't touch me, Sam. My new body is too sensetive to resist you.”

Though after a while Ron (who was now transformed into a girl started moaning & doing things relectantely

Ooohhhhh It feels so good”


Monday, 14 January 2013

Male To Female : The Modelling

Self Shot Pic Of James as CD
James was a just like the same regular guy, but in private, when at his home, he was an amazing crossdresser. But he never had this confidence to go out in public as a crossdresser. He use to take some self shots of him dressed up, & upload it on Facebook under a fake profile. & then one fine day everything changed for James. He got a message on facebook from a photographer guy to be his model for a photoshoot.

At first James thought, it as some kinda prank. But the guy kept on insisting & ultimately James was finally able to gather enough courage to give it a try. The photo shoot was a great hit & other photographers also started talking about him. He earned himself a lot of money in no time. And then he decided to go for a sex change op.

Now James is better known as Jamie & is one of the most demanded models.
James after his Sex Change Op