Monday, 14 January 2013

Male To Female : The Modelling

Self Shot Pic Of James as CD
James was a just like the same regular guy, but in private, when at his home, he was an amazing crossdresser. But he never had this confidence to go out in public as a crossdresser. He use to take some self shots of him dressed up, & upload it on Facebook under a fake profile. & then one fine day everything changed for James. He got a message on facebook from a photographer guy to be his model for a photoshoot.

At first James thought, it as some kinda prank. But the guy kept on insisting & ultimately James was finally able to gather enough courage to give it a try. The photo shoot was a great hit & other photographers also started talking about him. He earned himself a lot of money in no time. And then he decided to go for a sex change op.

Now James is better known as Jamie & is one of the most demanded models.
James after his Sex Change Op

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