Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sex Transform - Boy to Girl

James After Waking Up.
 James was really tired of his IT job. Always stressed he decided to get a break from his same daily schedule. But he never imagined that the break would turn out so exciting. He bought a ring from eBay without the knowledge that it actually once belonged to one of the great sorcerer in history. Just like its original master the ring had a wicked sense of humor. That's why when James was thinking of getting a break from his job, to enjoy his life, while wearing the ring, the ring showed its charm in a mischievous way. The next day he woke up he found himself on a beach in a woman's body wearing nothing but just a bikini. He got really scared wondering what happened to him ( i mean her ), but after an hour or two it really didn't mattered to her because this was exactly the break that she needed. 

Sex Change - Boy to Girl

Ryan After Transformation

Ryan never thought that whatever the old lady told will actually happen. Yesterday when he saved the blind old Mexican lady from getting hit by the minivan the old lady blessed him by keeping her hand on his head & said 'Let your all your desire come true '. That very night when Ryan after having some weed felt like having sex, he started imagining himself as a sexy girl. Just after few minutes of thinking that Ryan was completely shocked to feel his whole body like a girl. First he got really scared, but then he really started enjoying himself by inserting one of his ( i mean her )finger inside herself.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Boy To Girl - The Book of Spells

Sam use to get most sexually aroused when he watches lesbian sex. He always wondered how nice it would feel to have lesbian sex as a hot girl. He sometimes had even fantasized having lesbian sex with his best friend Mac's girlfriend Sheena. His fantasy finally became reality when he found the Magical book of spell. Using the power of magical spells he transformed himself into a sexy chick, & then hypnotized Sheena to have lesbian sex with him ( I mean her ).

Boy To Girl Transformation - The Magical Ring

James After transformation
Sam & James
Sam & James were best buddies, but both of them were complete dork. None of them ever had a girl in their life. So when Sam found the magical ring, he decided to change transform his best friend into a sexy chick, but that wasn't enough for Sam to get laid with the new James. James was feeling very angry. How could his best friend do that to him ( i mean her). She was about to leave which ultimately didn't happen. Sam using the magic ring made James horny instantaneously. Sam then using the magic hypnotized his best friend & had the most awesome sex ever.

Identity Change Boy to Girl - Harry Potter

A grave danger is awaiting Hogwarts & Harry Potter is the only hope that Hogwarts has. But still he hasn't2 mastered the spell to defeat Lord Voldemort. With both Harry's life & the future of Hogwarts at stake, its better for Harry to go into hiding until he master's the spell & finds the final horcux. It was Hermoine spell to turn Harry into a girl. Now even              after the battle Harry decided to stay as a girl as he( i mean she) wanted a normal life without being in limelight. But with this new avatar, Harry found it more difficult to keep professors & other students from falling into her
                                                             gorgeous charm.

Identity Change - Boy to Girl ( Magical Pills )

Dr. Klaus's log July 21st : After 21 days of taking MTP( Magic Transformation Pills), Sanjay whom we now call Sanjana, is finally ready to go out to a party. The pills have worked magically. not only his ( i mean her ) body has changed completely but also she is also behaving completely in feminine manner. The MTP has also increased the rate of hormone growth. thus making her mind & body craving for sex.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Boy to Girl Transformation - Nerd Girl

Gordon had always been a quiet and shy nerd, enjoying Star Wars and AD&D, no one had ever noticed him sitting in the corner of the cafeteria. And that’s the way he liked it! But when the Great Shift gave him a hot female body, he quickly caught everyone’s attention. The popular boys who never talked to him now wanted to date him; the popular girls were jealous, but wanted to keep the competition close. Gordon didn’t want to be competition; he just wanted to be left alone. He tried his usually nerdy tactics, like obsessing on Star Wars, but it didn’t work. What had been nerdy as a guy made him “cool” as a chick. Why wouldn’t they leave him alone?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Witness Protection Program - IV Indian Princess

The witness protection program originally began during the reign of Queen Victoria. In order to protect Mr. William Willingford, against one of the brutal assassin Slever Annwich and to bring him to justice, the security council decided it's a must to protect Mr. William from the hands of this ruthless criminal. So they devised a plain that no one could even imagine. With the power of Magic they transformed him into a beautiful Indian princess. He ( i mean she ) was departed to India with the crew of East India Company until Annwich is executed. Reaching India Mr. William was introduced to one of the stately prince as Princess Natasha. Natasha enjoyed her new avatar so much that she decided to stay like that forever. 


Identity Change - The Magical Fountain

Ronald has been searching for the fountain of Azure, for the last decade. And now the finally he was sure it was in China. Their were a lot of myths about the fountain. Some said it could cure any disease, but Ronald firmly believed that it does causes a complete transformation, though he wasn't sure about the kind of transformation. When he finally found the fountain, he was so excited that he decided to drink the water without taking any precautions. Ronald in his wildest of dreams hadn't even thought that the transformation would be something like this. His entire body structure began changing, he suddenly found his pennies disappearing & soft boobs growing. And in the end he transformed into a sexy 18 year old Asian chick. He ( i mean she) is now aware what transformation the fountain does. Ronald always had a fetish about turning into a sexy Asian chick. The fountain read the deepest sexual desire & could make it happen. Now Ronald can actually be what she always dreamt to be.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Identity Change - Boy To Girl Magic

Nisha hated her brother Sammer, who always use to complain to their parents about her. Her parents were too conservative in nature. Her brother Sameer always acted like a dork, & never would go out to enjoy. In fact Nisha always called him a pussy, now it was the turn to literally turn his brother into that. She mixed a magic potion in his cup of tea & now it was the time to let the magic begins. Sameer changed into Sameera, & is really enjoying his( I mean her) new Avatar.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Boy to Girl Transformation

Dr. Ali Hussain was the head of biotechnology department. 

Recently he had been working on a medicine that can change human hormones in just a matter of minutes. 

He had an old sexual fantasy of turning into a woman, so he decided to see the affect of the drug on himself. 

The drug worked miraculously but soon he( i mean she) discovered the one sidefect of the drug. It really makes you horny, though he didn't mind it. In present time he had kept the invention a secret & is enjoying herself as a girl.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Identity Change boy to girl by Magic

Veronica is a fairy who could magically transform anyone & anything. Ron didn't really realize his mistake when he dumped Veronica after having sex with her. Now it was the payback time. Ron woke up the next morning feeling changed. He( i mean she), was shocked to notice his cock has disappeared & he had soft boobs on him. Touching her clit she suddenly felt a strange sensation through her body. Now she has to live like this, though she isn't complaining.

Identity Change - Boy to Girl -III (Melaine Rios)

Mr. James Rios borrowed a huge 

amount of money from big 

Daddy. When he lost all the 

money gambling, & failed to 

repay big Daddy, he knew 

straight away he was in trouble. 

Big Daddy had something else in 

mind for James to get back his money.

And now James didn't exists for 

the world. After a successful 

sex-change operation, big Daddy 

named him ( i mean her), 

Melanie Rios. Now Melanie is one 

of the biggest name in porn 

industry. Even after repaying big 

Daddy, James, now Melanie  

decided to stay as girl.
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Identity change - Boy to Girl - II

Ronan finished his whole savings to change his sexuality. Now with no qualification & certificates, on his( I mean her) identity, she just can't find a new job. Then it struck her, she can easily earn money with her new sex. Now Ronica is one of the highest paid escort in town and owns expensive car too.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Identity Change - Boy to girl

Sunny & Sam accidently found the game of sex Jumanji.

Things got out of hand when Sunny tried to cheating the game to win.

The game punished them by turning them into pretty good looking horny 

babes with an    unquenchable desire    

for sex on each other.

Although both of them didn't exactly saw that as a punishment

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sex with Sister

Hi friends this is Billal from Karachi, Pakistan & today I am gonna tell a incident that happened with my own sister. During that time I was 16 & she was 19. Her name is Rubina. She is a beautiful young lady with figure 36-26-36. She had a very pretty face, & she always use to wear tight Shalwar-Kamiz. We are from a very conservative family, & so their were a lot of restrictions on us. We weren't allowed to watch any English channels & neither we had Internet that time.
My Sister
It was only during that age that I came to know about porn stuffs from my friends at school. Many a time during that period I bunked school with my best friend Rihan to watch porn movies. As it was an early age for me, I really used to get excited pretty quickly.

As a family we use to sleep together. My abba & ammi slept at the corner of our big sofa cum bed, while me & my sister slept in between our parents together. My parents were both sound sleeper & often I used to completely embrace my sister & she didn't used to mind that.

Once I woke up during midnight, feeling a strange horny sensation. When I woke up, I found that my sister was tightly hugging me, with her one knee on my dick. My dick was throbbing. While sleeping my sister used to only wear her Kamiz & her bare less white soft leg was on my dick. I tried to move away, but my sister was tightly hugging me. The little bit of movement that she made, caused me an instant erection. I slowly moved my hands on her bare thigh & started caressing her. I was moving her leg slowly on my dick. After 40 minutes or so I ejaculated heavily.

The next morning when I woke up, I saw my sister Rubina getting dressed for her college. She must've thought I was asleep. She was in a towel, her soft fair beautiful leg could be seen. She wore a panty & then removed her towel. She took out her dress from the cupboard. First she wore a black silk bra. Her bare back was so smooth & she was so damn curvy. When she left for college, I went to the bathroom & masturbated imagining her.

All day in school I was remembering the last night incident & was also planning on what to do tonight. I also felt a bit of fear, thinking what if my sister tells all this to my dad, but I was sure that she didnt notice anything, as she was soundly asleep. When I went back home I was relieved to find my sister behaving normally with me. After having our dinner we all went to sleep. During midnight when I was sure my parents were completely asleep, I made my move. First I thightly hugged my sister, with my dick on her ass. I even, moved my hand on her ass & thigh. She made a moaning sound. My dick was completely hard in my boxers. I was really getting horny. While with one hand I was holding my sister's ass, & with other I was stroking my dick. I ejaculated heavily.

As it was Sunday the next morning, my dad & mom left early for the mosque. I was feeling a little embarrassed to go in front of my sister, I went out to a tea stall, but after some time my sister called me on my cell, & asked me to come home. Her tone was completely normal. I assured myself, that maybe she was deeply asleep last night also. When I went home she told me she needed to talk about something with me. Then she asked me about the last night incident. I begged to her that not to tell this to our parents. But her reaction was completely opposite. She told me that its completely fine for a boy of my age to feel sexual desire, & as my elder sister she would try to help me in every possible way. I was blushing, I asked my sister that did she also felt the same at my age? She said she started feeling these desire since last 4-5 months. All this time my sister was just wearing her Kamiz. I asked her whether I can feel her now. She didn't reply but started staring at me with a smiling blushing face. Wasting no time I started feeling her, I grabbed her with both my hands on her ass, smooching her. She tried to stop me saying that it was wrong, but after a while she gave in. I started groping her boobs, they were really soft and felt like butter. She was moaning quietly. We both were lost in intimacy when suddenly our house bell rang. She quickly went into the bathroom & I opened up the door. It was my parents. I just can't describe how disappointed & frustrated I felt that moment.

During afternoon when our parents were taking a nap, me & my sis were able to enjoy together for a brief moment. This time it was she who initiated it. When she was rubbing her hands on my pants around my penis region, she was surprised by the size of my dick. It was 8 inches long & thick. In evening we went to one of our relatives home.

I was wondering what would happen in the night. My questions were answered very quickly. As soon as the lights were switched off, my sis started moving her hand upon my cock. I replied by softly pressing the upper region of her thighs near her pussy. For the first time ever someone touched my dick other than me. Both my parents were asleep with their back towards us. She pulled down my boxers & I felt something soft on my dick. I was really amazed to find that my sis was sucking my dick. I was enjoying it, surely the best thing happening to me. After 20 minutes I had the most awesome ejaculation. After few minutes my sis took my hand putting it inside her panty. I've never touched a woman's pussy. It was almost a hairless cunt. I started by moving my hand slowly around, her head was on my shoulder & my other hand were caressing her boobs. She was breathing heavily & I could sense her excitement. I inserted a finger inside her pussy. I too got excited seeing the way she was enjoying herself. After a while I felt her cumming. Then we kissed each other passionately.

We got our full opportunity the very next week when my parents had to attend a marriage ceremony. As my sisters college were open, my parents decided that me & my sis would be staying back at home & I was more than happy to oblige. They were going out for two days. I went to the station with my parents to see them off. When I returned home my sis, opened up the door & we were smiling at each other. As soon as we closed the door, we were on each other passionately. We were deeply tongue kissing each others, after which I removed her clothes. It was the first time that I was seeing a girl completely nude, and God what a figure she had. I was sucking her soft buttery boobs. She took my cock in her hand while kissing me. Then I pushed her back, making her lie on the sofa & started licking her pussy. It had very little hair, I inserted two fingers this time in her pussy & I bet she was having the nicest time in her life. While licking her pussy I was also sucking her tight naval. This time she pushed me back & sitting up on the sofa. She took my cock in her mouth. Oh it felt awesome, like heaven. When I inserted my 8 inches thick cock in her pussy, I felt her body shivering with excitement. I sat on the sofa, & took her slim slender fair ass on my lap, she was moaning with her eyes closed, with 1 hand grabbing my shoulder. While fucking her in that position, I also slapped her ass softly. After some time we changed our position. This time it was she who decided to take the control. She made me lie down on the sofa & sat on me taking my dick into her pussy. HHer cunt was tight & I was also feeling the ultimate pleasure in fucking her. We both cummed heavily after almost forty minutes of unimaginable sex.

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Amisha Patel Hottest pics till date

Crossdress sex with with school friend.

Thats Me

Hi friends, I am a Crossdresser . I stay alone in a flat because of my Crossdressing hobby. For the whole world I am a male but when I dress up as a woman, I look like a real lady and not male. I am a very beautiful Crossdresser and recently I have shed a lot of weight. I remain Crossdressed whenever I am in flat. I have all tpes of clothes ranging from sarees to salwar kameez, western tops to bras and panties. I have 4 types of breast forms and 9 wigs of different hair styles.

Me and Rahul used to study together at school but we never use to talk & now after years we met on a site adultfriendfinder.com. I was surprised to find that Rahul loves CD boys.

 At first we chatted where he used to flirt with me then we exchanged numbers and talked on phone as well. We even used to have phone sex and chat sex. We decided to meet on a Sunday and that day had finally arrived. 

I wore the breast form which had 34 inch breasts with black nipples. I hid my penis in between my thighs and wore the panty.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I was looking like a young hot and beautiful lady. I hired a taxi and went to the most happening mall of the city. It was 8 pm in the evening and I reached the mall on time, coz we decided to have dinner together.

Rahul was 6 feet in height, muscular built, short spiked hair, fair skinned and looked really handsome. He was dressed in a black shirt and jeans. Finally after finishing dinner, we hired a taxi and came back to my flat.

 While climbing the steps, Rahul pulled my hand and held me in his arms. We started kissing. The kiss was so wet and deep that I had already started feeling hot.

I opened my door and we came inside. He pushed me on sofa and climbed on me and we kissed again. He was groping my soft hairless smooth ass with both his hands. He removed my pallu. Then he removed his shirt and hugged me. We both were breathing deeply. Then he unhooked my black bra and he removed his pant.

He had become very uncontrollable and he removed his underwear and his 9 inch long rod like dick sprang out of his underwear. I took his penis in my hand and stroked it.We were kissing deeply stroking each other's dick. Rahul was also fingering my ass. I felt like a dove. After almost 1 hour of playing with each other we both heavily masturbated.

It was a great feeling because I was feeling like an unmarried woman loosing her virginity. My whole body shivered and my my penis spurted out a lot of sperms on the sofa.

That night we had lots and lots of hot fucking sessions and next morning he left my flat.

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Monday, 16 July 2012

Boy to Girl Transformation-Sunny Leone

Sherman Leone always wanted to be a porn star, but not a 
male one. He always fantasized about being an actress in porn movie. A top porn company came to know about thisfrom his blog. His dream finally became reality when the company sponsored his sex change op. 

Today he( i mean she) is one of the biggest name in porn industry and she calls herself Sunny Leone.

School Trans gender Transformation

Harry always missed his 

schooldays, but now he is a 

rich man, with lot of money, 

So when the witch laila 

promised him, that she will 

give her school days back, 

Harry was ready with 10 

grands. But this time he 

didn't wanted to be known 

as the geeky guy, so he(i 

mean She), chose another 

avatar to return back to her 

school, & boy, she is