Sunday, 23 December 2012

Male To Female - Invisible Ghost

Sam Surprised After being Changed to a woman

I should have never come in this cursed home. I had already heard stories that one invisible sex thirsty ghost likes to have sex with everyone who visits this house alone. I had thought I am male so I do not have to worry about it. But I did not know that he will transform me into a girl just to have sex with me.
Now I am feeling very very frightened, but anyway, I do not have to worry because I have also heard that he does not like to have sex with a girl unless she enjoys it. and I being a man hope, I won't enjoy having sex like a girl.”

But when the ghost slowly started caressing Sam, he in her female Avatar just wasn't able to control & gave it in.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Crossdressing Adventure : Party

Jay & Ron At The Party

All Jay wanted was to make her ex-girlfriend Ria feel jealous of his new girlfriend after she dumped him, but the problem was that he had no girlfriend to take to the college annual fest. So he asked his friend Ron for help. As Ron was a CD, & getting this chance to go out in public as a chick, he readily agreed to go out with Jay as his girlfriend. On the big day, when Jay went to pick up Ron, he was stunned. Ron, was looking more sexier than his ex. At the party, every boy was staring at Jay's new girlfriend. Even Ria, Jay's ex was fuming with anger & jealousy. Happy with the outcome, both Jay & Ron had some shots of tequilas, & then decided to hit the dance floor. And, damn those tequilas, Jay smooched Ron in front of everyone so passionately, that an already jealous Ria left the party furiously.