Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Crossdress Sex with my school Girlfriend.

Shruti my Friend
In school I had a friend Shruti. We were very good friends. It was like friends with benefits. She used to give me blowjob and i also licked and finger-fucked her pussy. One day I told her that I liked wearing ladies clothes. I told her everything about my crossdressing fantasies like how i used to wear mom's saree, salwar kameez etc. Shruti was a hot girl, her figure was 34-27-34. Her height was 5'6 feet and she was fair with a bit curly long hair. During school we used to wear school uniform.

However in tuition classes, she used to wear Tops and Skirts. One day i was alone at my home & thought of calling her, so that we could have some fun together, but at that moment, i never thought that it was going to be my first cross dressing sex . She was wearing a short frock, LOOK AT THE PICTURE HOW SHRUTI LOOKED THAT DAY.

She opened her bag and asked me to remove my clothes as she wanted to have fun. I became excited and I removed my bermuda and my t shirt. I was only in my underwear. Then she took out a black panty from her bag and gave me. She said it was her panty and she wanted me to wear this. I removed my underwear, hid my hard penis in between my thighs and wore the panty.

I was very soft and made of pure cotton with a touch of velvet. It was tight also which made me feel sexy. Then she took out a black bra from her bag and came near me. She asked me to slip my arms around the straps of the bra and I did as she said. Then she hooked the bra from behind. The straps of the black bra were tight on my shoulders and back which made me feel very horny.

Then she folded two clothes in round shape and made fake breasts by keeping them in my bra cups. Then she took out an pinkish strappless top and asked me to wear that. I wore the orange top which was made of viscous cotton and was very tight. When I wore the top, I felt very hot as the top took the perfect shape of a woman and it was tight at the arms.

Me that Day after dressing up.
Finally she gave me a long rainbow lahnga which had elastic at the belly. I wore the skirt and its material was so soft that when it touched my legs and thighs, I felt more horny. I thanked Shruti for her support and told her that I had never worn anyone's clothes except my mom's. I always wanted to wear her clothes as she looked so sexy in them.

Then I said, before anyone comes, I wanted to masturbate. I sat on the chair and Shruti sat in front of me. I removed the silk panty from under the skirt and took out my hard penis in my hand. It had become very hard like a rod and while looking at Shruti i started masturbating my penis. She was giving hot poses while I looked at her and masturbated.

Then after some time she lowered her panty from under her white skirt and started rubbing her wet pussy with her fingers. I was feeling so horny and I badly wanted to take out my sperms. I went to her, grabbed her thighs and lifted her skirt.

She was sitting on the chair while I was in between her thighs. I started inserting my penis inside her wet pussy which was so hot that my penis felt great. Then I started fucking her by taking my penis in and out of her pussy. Both of us started moaning ahhh... ohhhh... yessssss....

I fucked her hard and lifted her top. I pressed and squeezed her boobs while fucking her and when I realized that I was about to throw out my sperms, I removed my penis from her pussy hole and masturbated my penis hard. I spurted out all my hot sperms on her face and boobs.

Then I changed back in my clothes and she kept her clothes back in her bag. We kissed and decided to meet at her home sometime where we will play lots of Crossdressing Role plays.