Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crossdress sex with with school friend.

Thats Me

Hi friends, I am a Crossdresser . I stay alone in a flat because of my Crossdressing hobby. For the whole world I am a male but when I dress up as a woman, I look like a real lady and not male. I am a very beautiful Crossdresser and recently I have shed a lot of weight. I remain Crossdressed whenever I am in flat. I have all tpes of clothes ranging from sarees to salwar kameez, western tops to bras and panties. I have 4 types of breast forms and 9 wigs of different hair styles.

Me and Rahul used to study together at school but we never use to talk & now after years we met on a site I was surprised to find that Rahul loves CD boys.

 At first we chatted where he used to flirt with me then we exchanged numbers and talked on phone as well. We even used to have phone sex and chat sex. We decided to meet on a Sunday and that day had finally arrived. 

I wore the breast form which had 34 inch breasts with black nipples. I hid my penis in between my thighs and wore the panty.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I was looking like a young hot and beautiful lady. I hired a taxi and went to the most happening mall of the city. It was 8 pm in the evening and I reached the mall on time, coz we decided to have dinner together.

Rahul was 6 feet in height, muscular built, short spiked hair, fair skinned and looked really handsome. He was dressed in a black shirt and jeans. Finally after finishing dinner, we hired a taxi and came back to my flat.

 While climbing the steps, Rahul pulled my hand and held me in his arms. We started kissing. The kiss was so wet and deep that I had already started feeling hot.

I opened my door and we came inside. He pushed me on sofa and climbed on me and we kissed again. He was groping my soft hairless smooth ass with both his hands. He removed my pallu. Then he removed his shirt and hugged me. We both were breathing deeply. Then he unhooked my black bra and he removed his pant.

He had become very uncontrollable and he removed his underwear and his 9 inch long rod like dick sprang out of his underwear. I took his penis in my hand and stroked it.We were kissing deeply stroking each other's dick. Rahul was also fingering my ass. I felt like a dove. After almost 1 hour of playing with each other we both heavily masturbated.

It was a great feeling because I was feeling like an unmarried woman loosing her virginity. My whole body shivered and my my penis spurted out a lot of sperms on the sofa.

That night we had lots and lots of hot fucking sessions and next morning he left my flat.

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