Saturday, 29 September 2012

Crossdressing Shock - Encounter with Crossdressed Maid

Rahul Dressed Up as the Maid
When Ria became sure of the fact that her husband was cheating on her, she decided to give him a divorce, but not before giving him the shock of his life & teaching him a lesson. Ria's friend Rahul was not only a gay but also was awesome in the art of cross dressing. Asking Rahul to dress up as a sexy desi maid, Ria told him what she had planned for his husband Raj. She introduced Rahul as their new maid, & by the look in her husband's eye Ria became sure that her plan was surely going to work. One Sunday afternoon Ria told his husband Raj that she was going out for some shopping with her friends & won't be back till evening. She also told Raj that their new maid will be staying the whole afternoon, & would do the cooking. Raj was pretty excited about the prospect as he was eying the maid for some days now, although he had no idea about her true gender identity. When the maid was mopping the floor Raj came from behind, grabbing her waist tightly, rubbing his throbbing hard dick on his new maid's ass. As Rahul ( the cross dressed maid ) was a gay, he too even got turned on. The maid gave him an awesome blowjob. When Raj was ready for insertion, he was completely taken aback to find a cock instead of a pussy. At that moment, even Rahul thought that Raj was about to get shocked, but to his surprise Raj started shagging Rahul's dick, & they both ended up having the most awesome sex. Ria was right about his husband cheating on her, but she was unware that Raj was cheating her for boys & not girls. So, Ria was the one who ended up getting the biggest shock of her life.

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