Saturday, 15 September 2012

Boys To Girls - The Scientific Experiment

Some Of The Subjects used In the Experiments
Other Subjects

At a secret place in India, scientists from all over the globe, are working on making a nano microchip, that can change not only the genetic structure of humans, but can also affect the hormonal cells. The idea originated from vedic physics. These can stick in the hairs in form of gel, & within a span of a week can completely transform a male body into a female one causing a complete genetical change. After the genetic change, these chips begins transmitting data remotely to a computer. Then the scientists on the computer can decide the level of the excitement of hormones. These levels decide how much these boys ( i mean girls ) should crave for sex. The more higher the level is, the more horny these girls are. This leaked picture shows some of the subjects who were used in the experimental process. Some of the scientists even used these subjects for pleasuring themselves. 

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