Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Crossdressing Cheerleaders

Guys Who Participated As Cheerleaders

The baseball team of a college in LA never won any significant tournament, making it difficult for the college to earn any revenue of sorts. So when the competition 'GUYS AS CHEERLEADERS' started, the college had no choice but to participate expecting to win the huge prize money. A selected number of boys who had a bit of feminine look, & a curvaceous body were chosen to represent the college. After a grooming session from the girls, the boys ( I mean the cheerleaders ), were finally ready to represent the college, & ultimately winning the competition too. Moreover, one of the boys who was a part of the cheer-leading team James also won the best trophy for The Guy as Cheerleader.
James Who was voted The Most Sexiest Guy As  Cheerleader

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