Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sex Change - Boy To Girl

Ron After MTP Transformation

When Ron needed money urgently, he saw an advertisement in the newspaper that promised a lot of money just for being a subject of an experiment. He thought it was a good deal but it was just too good, not to have a catch in it. When he went to the mentioned location & showed interest in being the subject for the experiment. He was then told what the experiment was about. The subjects were to be given a regular dosage of MTP ( Magical Transformation Pills ), & then would go under a cosmetic surgery that would make them a complete beautiful woman. Although Ron didn't wanted to be the part of the experiment, but left with no other choice for earning such a good amount, he decided to have a go. Now Ron is leading his ( I mean Her ) life as a beautiful woman. With her very admirable looks, even the company decided to make her the leading model for the MTP pills. Not only she advertises for MTP but is also a leading model for several other feminine brands & is also enjoying her sex life more than when she was a boy.

Some Other Pics Of Ron After the MTP Transformation

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