Friday, 12 October 2012

Boys To Girls - The Rain Party

Ron & Avi after their Transformation

Ronald & Avi were best friends since childhood. Now busy with their work, they seldom met each other. So they both planned a get together vacation on the beaches of Goa. They really wanted to enjoy themselves, get drunk & get high. They heard of this rain party which happened only once a year & was considered as the most happening party of Goa. Thinking it as a regular party, they both got themselves 2 passes for the party. The party was one of its kind, the rain contained chemical potions that alters the genetic structure of a human body, resulting in changing a male body into a female & vice versa. Another effect that the chemical caused was increase in sexual desire, but all these lasted for just a day. Unknown, about all these things Ronald & Avi went to the party. Seeing some really hot chicks, enjoying themselves withs other boys, got both the friends excited. After getting drunk, they stepped into the rain, & that's when they realized what the party was all about. At first they were just numb, seeing their male body transform into a woman, but after the full transformation, they were too admiring their body, as the chemical was making them excited. They started having fun, grooving to the music with boys ( that were actually girls ), & had an awesome blast in the party.

Some Other Pics Of The Party

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