Monday, 13 August 2012

Cross dressed with a Female Escort

Me & the Escort outside the Disc

Hi everyone, I am Sid. I am a cross dresser, but I am dressed only when I am at home as I stay alone. Due to my slender, fair & hairless body. When I am dressed I completely look like a female cutie & as I have a bit of a feminine voice, no can say that i am a male. One Saturday night I booked a female escort for the complete night. At first the call girl ( who told her name was Nisha ) thought I was a lesbian. I took her to a disco where I kissed her too. Everyone their thought we were lesbian. Coming back at home we had some weed, & then told her who I am actually. At first she was hesitant but after some time she started enjoying herself in. That was one of the most awesome night I ever had.


  1. any woman love sex tell me plzzz

  2. what a hot experience! i'm jealous :)

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