Friday, 24 August 2012

Being a Crossdresser Pornstar

It all started with couple of self shot photos. Andy was a part time cross dresser, dressed up as a girl only when at home. 

Although with the makeup tricks that he knew & his feminine kinda body, it was pretty easy for him to convince anyone into thinking he's a girl. 
Dressed up one night he took some self shot pics of him & posted it on Facebook. It was a huge hit, getting almost 1 million likes. 
Encouraged by that, he uploaded a video of her on youtube, that completely changed his life. Soon, he got a call from Penthouse offering her a photo shoot for the September issue. Now not only he is a full time cross dresser, but also is leading his life as a SHE.

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  1. well I am almost as hot as her, but I am wanting to be a CD pornstar to help pay for my transformation, anyone know how please mail me at yahoo. (jasoncire at y**oo)