Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Boy To Girl Change - Best Lesbian Friends

Tang & Lee After Transformation

Tang & Lee were childhood friends & were now working together in a MNC in Tokyo. On a weekend after having some drinks they were returning home. They stopped on their way , to pee in a fountain unaware of the knowledge that it's the fountain of wish. While peeing they were talking about how cool it would be to go back to their school days. Tang jokingly added it would be much cooler if they would return to school as sexy chicks. Next morning they woke up to find their lives turned upside down. They both had been transformed into sexy teenage girls. In a state of shock they Just couldn't figure out what happened to them. That's when they found 2 ID cards of a school with the photos of them in their new female avatars. They now realized what had happened. Despite being hesitant at first they decided to give a try to this new opportunity. Now they are loving the attention and sex that they are getting from the boys.

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