Friday, 9 November 2012

Crossdressing Adventure - College Festival (PART-I)

Sam & Joy On The Day of College Festival
Sam was a cutie cross dresser. His friend Joy, however was a complete looser, never had a girlfriend in his entire life & was always bullied by his classmate. So, when his annual college festival arrived, he too wanted to take a girl along with him, to show his classmate. Joy had already seen Sam dressed as a girl & knew how beautiful he looked as girl. He told about all this to Sam. Although a bit nervous, Sam agreed to go with Joy to his college festival. When finally the day arrived Joy went to Sam's house, & was really unable to recognize his old friend. Instead of his old friend, their was this cute busty beauty whom no one would ever imagine to be a boy in real. Then, They both went to Sam's college. The guys who never even talked to Joy, that day came forward & wanted to chat with him. Joy introduced Sam as his girlfriend Sameera. Even the girls had that look of jealousy in their eyes after watching Joy walking away with a beauty. Sam was also enjoying her new avatar as a girl & needless to say it was the best day of his entire college life.

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