Sunday, 4 November 2012

Boy To Girl - Dreams

Ron was a guy, who use to get aroused fantasizing being a girl with a sexy figure, & then having sex with a hunk. One fine day when Ron woke up, he was shocked to find himself transformed into a sexy woman. He quickly got up, went to the bathroom & saw himself in the mirror. Yes, he was transformed into a very sexy woman, with a sexy figure. He certainly had no clue about what had happened, when his ( I mean her) maid came in, & talked to her as if she had been a girl her whole life. Even her wardrobe was stacked with feminine attire. She took a bath where she explored her whole body until she had an orgasm, a feeling unlike anything she had ever felt. Coming out of her bathroom she slipped into one cool outfit that she had in her wardrobe. She surely couldn't go to her office like this, so she decided to go Avi's home & would try explaining the matter to him. Avi & Ron were best friends until this incident happened & even Ron wasn't sure whether Avi would believe her or not. But she was shocked, as Avi welcomed her & treated her as she was his girlfriend. Not only that, Avi even started touching & feeling her. Even Ron in his lady avatar was getting turned on by this & they both ended up having sex.
Just when things started getting more hotter, Ron woke up from his dream, & got really disappointed to find himself still as a boy.

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